Sunday, October 14, 2012

Thank You 1st Semester ♥

So yesterday marked the start of my semestral break. Though my 1st semester in college was a little bit of hell, I still find it enjoying and, surprisingly, memorable. There was no day that was dull in our class, and proof of that is the photo you see above.

We were all strangers to each other, besides the fact that some of us were old schoolmates. But in the course of our journey, we faced challenges together, worked hard together, made memories together, and in the end, made a special bond of friendship.

No matter how hard the challenges are, no matter how pressured we get, no matter how rough the road of our journey is, we will always keep CALM, have FAITH, BREATHE, SMILE, and have FUN.

Through the tough times, we still had our smiles in our faces, stayed optimistic, and had fun. I'll surely miss our crazy days. I just hope that next semester will be better than last semester. :)

|| Jetha 

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