Saturday, January 26, 2013

We Just Want To Have Fun :)

Accountancy Division

School of Engineering and Architecture Division
Business and Management Division
Social Sciences Division

Computer Sciences Division

Humanities and Letters Division (proud to be a member!)

Natural Sciences and Mathematics Division

School of Education
We had our FYDP Sportsfest yesterday at Ateneo High. There were 9 divisions who competed in 10 different games, but as you can see, there are only 8 divisions seen above.

I was also one of the players in our division for badminton.

My partner, Paolo and me :)
Our Volleyball players for men's category

Our volleyball players for women's category
 We also had Pinoy games during the event.
Tug of War
Sack Race
I was also one of the players in the sack race, and I swear you don't want to know what happened to us. 

After the intense and overwhelming games, we finally had time for relaxation and fun.

That's the HumLet spirit! More pictures in the next post. See 'ya!

|| Jetha :)

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