Sunday, June 10, 2012

"She Will Be 18" Photoshoot

Friends, let me introduce to you our circle's soon-to-be debutante: Francheska 'Sky' Gonzales Acuña.

Here it is! Well, this photoshoot didn't exactly had a title. I just made it up. hahaha! =)) So, these were some of the shots I took with my camera last Thursday at Camella Toscana. Actually, this was my very first photoshoot. I was quite reluctant, at first, when they said they wanted me to be the photographer of this mini-event. Who wouldn't be when I was only an amateur? 

But God was on my side so, tadaaah! The photos are not perfect, I know. I mean, there's no such thing as perfect, right? So I'll say that they are special. Very special. And the model/debutante is not the reason why it's so special. Nor the venue, or the people behind this successful shoot (but they are actually very special to me. :] ). Not even the camera settings have anything to do with its specialism. To make it look special, you have to believe it's special. :)

I am so proud to be part of this group and to be their official freelance-and-amateur photographer. :) To God be the glory! 'Behind the Scenes' shots up next! Stay tuned!

|| Jetha ||

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