Saturday, August 4, 2012

Project August 101

You read it right! This month will be a very busy month for me. I'll be doing a lot of projects for this month, both school-related and not school-related, since there are a lot of holidays and "no class" days. Here's a list of what I'm going to do this month:

  1. Birthday surprise for ate Kath. Well, I just did this with my barkada. It was an epic fail, though. And we forgot to take pictures! :'((
  2. Celebrate Carly's birthday. I'm not a fan of I-have-to-buy-her-or-him-a-gift-for-his-or-her-birthday crap. This girl is really special to us. She's pretty, actually. Maybe I should give her something worth keeping. :)
  3. Celebrate my birthday at Abreeza. Well, 3 local stars in our country will visit our dearest Davao province on my birthday. I need to get some tickets, and ask my Mom for permission. Her permission would be the greatest gift ever!
  4. Birthday surprise for Jec. She would be turning 17 this 22nd of August. We're still going to plan for this surprise, though.
  5. Read hand-outs on Socio 111 and History 111. I'm fine with reading History, but with Sociology? I have to be serious with it. 
  6. Read The Catcher in the Rye. We'll have our oral book report on the 24th for the second batch only. This is our midterm project for English 11. Wish me luck on this.
  7. Study hard. 'Nuff said. 
So, that's the main list of what I'm going to do this month. The minor to-do's would be history. You don't need to know them. By the way, we'll be having our school feast 2 weeks from now, and next week, our professors would have their retreat. And next Sunday, hopefully, would be a great one. So, expect a lot of posts this month and if you have time, check out my tumblr account. Just click Tumblr on the right side of my blog. Enjoy and have a great day/night ahead!

|| Jetha :) 

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  1. goodluck on your endeavours! got my new blog pala, pls show some love pa rin ah?



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