Friday, April 20, 2012

New Features :)

I'm running out of ideas on how to start a paragraph on every post. Oh, well. Here I am again, stuck at home, with nothing much to do. And to think that I've been sitting infront of the computer since morning. Talk about boredom. :|

Anyway, I've been thinking about putting up 3 new regular features on my blog. I might as well tell you what they are about:
  • Listography - I'll post random things here about what to do on a boring day, things that I miss about the past (in other words, reminiscing), and the like.
  • Rated TOP - In this feature, I'm gonna post about things which I can consider as top or best in different grouped categories.
  • The Best - This feature will somehow be related to Rated TOP, though, the categories are random, not grouped.
I swear I'll focus on these features more, including Playlist and Watchlist. :) And I hope you understood the description on my 3 new features. :) Thanks for following, guys! And stay awesome! :)

|| Jetha ||


  1. cute blog :) wishing you luck on your planned regular posts :)

    btw, i have an ongoing giveaway on my blog. please do join if you haven't yet. thanks!

    1. thanks Gelianne. :) and thanks for the info. :)


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