Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tales of the Abyss

The very reason why I haven't been updating regularly is because I've been watching this animé series. And after five (or more?) days, I've finished watching it yesterday. :)) It's a great story. The plot was well-written, the characters were one-of-a-kind, the effects were amazing, and both the opening song and ending song were catchy. :) All in all, it was awesome!

Honestly, after a year of not watching animé, I kind of regret that I watched this first. :( Well, anyway, I really enjoyed watching this series.

I suggest you try watching this during your spare time. If you love animé just as much as I do, then I guarantee that you will surely enjoy this. If not, well, I still hope that you enjoy watching this. Toodles!

|| Jetha ||

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