Saturday, April 7, 2012

Something So Right

I never felt like this before
You're the dream that I've been waiting for
Now all I wanna do
Is to be right here with you

'Cause when we're both together
I know that it's

Something so right
I never knew someone could make me feel
Something so right
I never had a dream come true for real
Now I'm looking in your eyes
And you're looking in mine
I never knew one day I would find
Something so right

Sometimes I think I'll always be alone
But I never knew that all my sorrow will be gone
When you came into my life
I felt happy inside

And now that I have found you
I know I feel
(repeat Chorus)

All my dreams came true
Now you're in my arms
I'll never let you go
'Cause this is something so right
(repeat Chorus twice)

You and I
Are something so right
Ooh... oh...
You and I
 Are something so right

Something so right...

Well, what do you think?

|| Jetha ||

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