Monday, May 21, 2012

From Vietnam ♥

Two weeks ago, my Mom came back from Vietnam, where she spent her vacation with her friends. Of course, when you travel to another country, you have to expect that your friends--or family--will ask you to buy souvenirs for them. But my Mom was the one who asked us first. :)

So, before she left the Philippines last May 02, 2012, she asked me what I wanted her to buy in Vietnam for me as her pasalubong. I told her that I wanted to have a new dress, a new skirt, and a bag with an abstract design. :) And so, she bought it all for me.

The photos you see above are pictures that I immediately took with my beloved camera, baby Kee, but just posted now. hahaha! =)) Anyway, I loved the bags more because I can use it when school starts this June 13, for us college students. Hurrah! :)

I'll post more of her gifts for me from Vietnam. Happy reading, friends! :)

|| Jetha ||

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