Tuesday, May 1, 2012

When Boredom Strikes: May Edition

It's the first day of May and nothing productive happened today. There were a lot of things that I can do but I'm just too lazy. Anyway, I thought of making a To-Do list to save us all from the boredom disease. Even if it's a May Edition, I can't come up with 31 tasks for you (and me!) to do during the month of May. So, just bear with these:
  1. Clean-up your bedroom.
  2. Help in the household chores.
  3. Try reading books.
  4. Go strolling in the mall with your friends.
  5. Do a garage sale. (optional)
  6. Make DIY crafts.
  7. Find new songs to add up to your playlist.
  8. Try watching animé series. :)
  9. Take random photos of strangers.
  10. Play with your house pet. :)
This sucks! They're not really the best To-Do list. Don't worry. There are still more to come. For the meantime, I hope you enjoy doing these. :)

|| Jetha ||

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