Wednesday, May 23, 2012

'Cause I Used To Believe

Hey friends! Here I am again, though I really shouldn't be facing my desktop today. Oh well, temptations. hahaha! =))

I just composed a new song today. Yey! It only took me one day to write a new one. It's a new record! :D In all honesty, I wasn't expecting for it to be finished today, since I'm a little heartbroken. But maybe, that was the reason why I was able to finish it today. And thanks to two of my best friends, Sean and Adrian, who helped me get through today. :)

So here is my new song, entitled "My Fairytale Love." I hope you'll like it. Enjoy!

My Fairytale Love

I used to believe in love, I used to believe in forever
I used to believe in fairytales and happy ever after
But you proved me wrong
When I thought our love was strong

[Refrain: ]
You told me you loved me
Always in your heart
So please don't confuse me
Was this love a lie from the start?

[Chorus: ]
Baby, believing you was a big mistake
And the promises we made were fake, oh...
'Cause now I know, though it doesn't show
You were never there
And this love is just a fairytale

I felt like I was in heaven, saw paradise in your arms
When you hugged me tight, kissed me under the stars
I never thought I'd lose you
Letting you go was the last thing I wanted to do, ohh...
(repeat Refrain then Chorus)

[Bridge: ]
'Cause fairytales don't exist in this world
Happy endings are all surreal
Endless heartbreaks, now I feel
You're just an illusion and the song I never heard
Believe me, believing you was absurd
(repeat Chorus)

[Chorus 2: ]
'Cause you were my happy ending
You were my one true love
But now I know, and now I will show
You were never there and you never cared
And now my heart breaks
'Cause our love was just a fairytale

[Coda: ]
Ooh... oh...
Our love was just...
A fairytale....

P.S. In every song I write, there's a story behind it (mostly mine.), and this one tells my current situation in love. Just a fact I want to share. Please don't rip or steal any of my posts. :) Thank you! :D

|| Jetha ||


  1. Your tenth follower here! ;)) follow back??

    1. hey Chelsi! just followed you back. :) thanks for following. :)

  2. Hi! Thanks for following my blog :)
    the lyrics of your song are great, btw :)

    xx ♥


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